Lived Experience Action Group 

The Lived Experience Action Group (LEAG) advises, contributes, coordinates, and amplifies voices of people with lived experience. The LEAG informs the development and activities of the Equity Project. 


Advocacy and Research Working Group

The Advocacy and Research Working Group oversees the coordination and implementation of the Equity Project’s systemic advocacy. Our advocacy is focused on ensuring all Australians can meet their basic needs and live with dignity. The Group is also involved in gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence to inform our advocacy and contribute to community mobilisation.


Communications & Events Working Group

The purpose of the Communications and Events Working Group is to create initiatives to amplify and promote the pathways for change to achieve the Equity Project vision. 


Community Mobilisation Working Group 

The Community Mobilisation Working Group’s purpose is to create and support opportunities to inspire as many people as possible to be involved in changing attitudes and behaviours about economic injustice, speaking out, and supporting one another in their local communities.