Because Australia signed the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We signed off on 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 including; end poverty, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing among many others. 

Because a more equal society is good for people and good for the economy

According to a recent UNSW/ACOSS study on poverty and inequality, economic growth is diminished in highly unequal societies. People living in poverty are often locked out of the labour market and face tremendous barriers to employment. It is hard to secure a job when you have to sleep in your car.

Reducing inequality benefits everyone. We will all require health services and aged care at some point and knowing that essential services are available, when you need them, is the sign of a strong, compassionate society. ”

Because it will lead to a more stable contented society

Grossly unequal societies tend to experience greater political instability and unrest.

Because poverty is driven by policy, it can be solved by good policy

Many people who are unable to work rely on government payments, which are well below the poverty line. Increasing the rates of JobSeeker and Parenting Payments can lift thousands of people out of poverty overnight. We have seen this work with COVID Supplement payments, which were later withdrawn. We know it is possible, and it can be done again.

Because it is the right thing for a civil, humanitarian society to do 

Whether drawing on philosophy, ethics, a human rights framework, or religious teachings, caring for others in times of need is the bedrock of a functioning society.