Poverty and inequality in Australia are driven by unfair policies. Our political advocacy is focused on ensuring all Australians can meet their basic needs and live with dignity. This year, we'll be focusing on the following policy objectives.

Access to Adequate Income

Increase JobSeeker and other payments above the Poverty Line

At current income support levels, people are living below the poverty line. They are making choices between food, rent and medication. This is not safe, and it prevents people climbing out of disadvantage. That is why we're calling on the Federal government to increase income support payments to at least $78 per day.

The Best Start to Life

Universal Access to High Quality Play-Based Early Childhood Education and Care

Quality, play-based education sets kids up for life. It improves all aspects of child development and gets them ready for school and future success. It helps to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and entrenched disadvantage. Access to quality childcare makes also makes it easier for parents to work or study, thus offering hope and opportunity for a better life for the whole family. That is why we're focusing on encouraging the State government to ensure no upfront cost for the lowest income households to access high quality, play-based early childhood care.