MEDIA RELEASE - State Budget decisions not equitable for those doing it toughest

The Equity Project, a consortium of community organisations campaigning for a fair and just society,
are ramping up their fight for better equity in the upcoming election.

While the Equity Project’s Chairperson Melissa Perry acknowledged the ongoing efforts to provide
equal cost of living relief for Western Australians, she stressed that it is clear some people are doing
it tougher than others.

“Real equity isn’t giving everyone the same relief: It’s giving more relief to those Western Australians
that need it the most. We’re calling on the Government to find better ways to target relief measures,
so we have less Western Australians in crisis,” said Ms Perry.

The Budget makes a lot of decisions in the right areas, with the government recognising there is a
profound need in the community to address the growing issues of housing, homelessness, domestic
violence, and cost of living.

The Budget also shows the Government playing catch up on some critical gaps by investing in social
housing after falling behind in the area in their first term, and in family and domestic violence after
years of increasing horrifying stories and statistics.

The Equity Project Chairperson, Melissa Perry, said that while the investments are well received, this
is just the start.

“After four years of huge budget surpluses and conservative spending this Government appears to
have heard the calls from the community that they are struggling and in need of vital support.

“But that support shouldn’t be equal for every Western Australian. The Cook Government must work
smarter to deliver the right amount of relief to those doing it tough.”

To this end, our government need to create long-term investments, including in our children’s early
years. So much more can be done in this space that will ease cost of living, while also dramatically
improving children’s health and education outcomes in lower socio-economic areas of the state.”

“Given the struggles many parents experience with insecure jobs, cost of living, and raising children,
sustainable and equitable relief combined with initiatives that set children up for success in the future
are key”

Ms Perry said that the next steps the government take will tell us how serious they are about helping
West Aussies who are really struggling.

“The issues we are talking about are solvable but will not disappear without continued commitment.
What we need to see next in the upcoming state election, is a long-term commitment to making sure
no-one in our state lives without safety, security, and dignity.

“That means equity. Different levels of support for different people, who are confronted by different
situations. Not a one size fits all relief package. More equity for Western Australia will mean more
success and preventing more families falling through the gaps.”